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Practice HRM-Partner: Exclusive HR Headhunting International HR search

Business case: our client, active in more than 130 countries, is a global leading high-tech company developing, manufacturing and delivering specialized technical products and services for several specific global industries. The Group conducts operations in several global Business Lines with responsibility for research & development, production and sales of their specific products and services.

Because of the further growth strategy, the need to further professionalize and optimize the organization a new international HR team has to be formalized.

The HR function has to be upgraded to a serious HR Business Partner level and positioned in the senior Management Teams of the specific businesses and global areas. Together with our client, we formulated the HR roles which are needed to facilitate the new (change) strategy to be set up, developed and implemented.

The HR Advisory role needs an upgrade to International HR Business Partner level. Some new (now non existing) specialized HR functions are developed, like International Industrial Relations Officer, International HR Change Officer.

The time line was very tight, therefore we had to act very fast. HRM-Partner wrote some of the (now non existing) profiles. We started the search directly after the intake. Within 2,5 weeks we did all the executive search, desk search (incl. file search), (social) media search, writing the job profiles (incl. thinking about and formulating the job titles), the selection process and all the interviews with the internationally selected candidates. And then the shortlist was ready to be presented!

Together with our client we fine tuned the selection of the best candidates on the shortlist. On behalf of our client we set up the agenda for the first round interviews of the selected candidates at our clients newly set up Head Quarter. At this moment the follow-up interviews are running and the first job offer is coming up. New update: offer is accepted, particular Officer started. Second and third job offer is coming up. New update: second, third and fourth job offer is accepted and new employees started. New update: fifth job offer is accepted. We wish them a very successful career!

HRM-Partner supported her client with searching and the follow-up of the interviews of the new and further selected candidates for several globally operating roles (in HRM, communications and also engineering). HRM-Partner did work in very close cooperation with her client and the candidates of course.

Note: For several clients we also recruit professionals of other disciplines than HR, like Finance, Engineering, Communications, General Management (view:'vacatures algemeen').